Readers ask: How To Organize Open Shelves In Kitchen?

How do you store food with open shelves?

Use Containers Open shelves aren’t always the best place to store food, but if you have limited storage and need to store food on open shelving, invest in some containers with lids. Not only will they help keep your food from going stale, they are more attractive than a bunch of boxes and cans.

How do you style an open shelf?

8 Styling Tips for Open Shelving

  1. 01 of 08. Display Books and Magazines.
  2. 02 of 08. Add Greenery.
  3. 03 of 08. Display Leaning Art and Photographs.
  4. 04 of 08. Create Visual Interest Through Height.
  5. 05 of 08. Use Neutrals.
  6. 06 of 08. Display Items That Vary In Size.
  7. 07 of 08. Paint Your Shelves.
  8. 08 of 08. Display Items You Love.

How do you keep open shelves clean?

11 Cleaning and Organizing Tips from Real People Who Have Open Shelving

  1. Fill them with stuff you use a lot.
  2. Or fill them with stuff you only sometimes use.
  3. Avoid appliances and plastic.
  4. Repackage your dry goods.
  5. Wipe the surfaces.
  6. Organize by zones.
  7. Stick to a color scheme.
  8. Don’t overload them.
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Should I do open shelving in kitchen?

If you’re looking for a built-in, training-wheel kitchen setup to help ensure that you stay organized, then open shelving might be a good idea. The trick is: you have to commit to keeping things neat so you can avoid having your kitchen look like a hot-mess yard sale.

Is open shelving out of style?

Open shelving in kitchens doesn’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon, experts say. “Taking out the top kitchen cabinets is a very popular design trend, because it makes the space feel more open and expansive,” explains Megan Lewis, a building expert with Lowe’s.

How do floating shelves work in the kitchen?

Try to decorate your shelves using several neutral colors with a little bit of decorative color in minimal amounts. If you are someone who loves an abundance of color, then select 3 to 5 colors for items on your floating shelves and only decorate with items in those colors.

What do I put on my shelves?

What to Put on Decorative Shelves

  1. Plants (mostly faux for me due to my black thumb )
  2. Books.
  3. Vases, pitchers, bowls, baskets, and other vessels.
  4. Vase fillers.
  5. Picture frames.
  6. Small mirrors.
  7. Letters or monograms.
  8. Candles.

How do you cover open shelves in a living room?

Hang a Picture With Access To The Books

  1. A picture can cover parts of the shelf that you don’t want to display.
  2. The picture easily swings open.
  3. Paint baskets to match the shelving color.
  4. Vases look good and can be used for storage.
  5. A pull down picture hides what is behind it.
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How do you arrange things on shelves?

The basic rule of thumb for decorating bookshelves: one-third books, one-third accessories, and one-third empty space per shelf. If you’re short on storage, fill the bottom shelf with identical boxes or baskets. Organize 60 percent of books vertically and 40 percent horizontally to create both balance and spontaneity.

How deep should my open kitchen shelves be?

The most important consideration with open shelving is to make sure the system you use is secure. As far as shelf size, a depth of 10 or 12 inches fits most functions without concern of drooping in the middle, while length should be determined based on where you want to install yours.

How do you keep an open kitchen clean?

The Best Advice for Keeping your Kitchen Clean

  1. Clean while you wait.
  2. Clean the sink after washing up.
  3. Clean spillages as soon as possible.
  4. Clean as you go.
  5. Have a place for everything in the kitchen.
  6. Cover food when using the microwave.
  7. Vacuum the kitchen floor, don’t sweep.
  8. Regularly clean kitchen cloths.

How do you keep shelves from getting dusty?

Protecting shelves from dust requires some regular diligence.

  1. Cover each individual shelf with a dust cover, which is a plastic or vinyl sheath that prevents the shelf from getting dusty.
  2. Keep the windows closed in any rooms that have shelving units.
  3. Use air purifiers in the rooms that have shelving units.

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