Quick Answer: What If Kitchen Is In South West?

Is South West direction good for kitchen?

The refrigerator should be positioned in the south-west direction to help you overcome obstacles in life. It will also ensure a peaceful kitchen environment. Storage of grains and other stock should be in the south-west direction of the kitchen as it invites good luck and prosperity.

Is South West kitchen bad?

It is also better to avoid the Kitchen at the South-West side. Otherwise, it is also likely to cause many difficulties and worries to the owner. Whichever direction the site might face, it is best to have the Kitchen in the Southeast.

What should be kept in south west corner of house?

As per Vastu Shastra, one of the best ways to ensure financial stability is to grow your wealth in the earth corner of the home —the south-west. All your jewellery, money and important financial documents must be kept in the south-west (store such things in a cupboard or safe), facing north or north-east.

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Is south-west Entry good?

It is a place from where you welcome in wealth and well-being. Hence one needs to be extremely careful while choosing the entrance direction. There are many vastu specialists who recommend that the south to south-west directions are a complete no-no and one needs to steer clear from them.

Is kitchen in south good?

1. Kitchen Direction: As per vaastu shastra, south-east is the ideal kitchen direction for every household. Southern or eastern directions are secondary choices. It is also suggested that the cook should face the east or north direction while cooking food in the kitchen.

Is it OK to have kitchen in west?

Try not to locate the kitchen in the north, south west or north east direction, as that can lead to domestic upheavals and rifts in the family. For a west or north facing house, place the kitchen along the north west direction, so that you look towards the north while cooking.

What should not be kept in south west corner?

Avoid any vault openings facing south or west: It is generally said that if there is any vault or storage system to keep financial things that are placed at the south west corner, the opening of the vault should not face towards the south or the west.

What are the disadvantages of south facing house?

Some of the disadvantages of a south facing house are:

  • Increased heat in summers not good for hotter regions.
  • If not carefully designed as per Vastu can create serious financial and health problems in life.
  • Cannot make an underground water bore well in the front side.
  • Longer hours of sunlight means higher AC bills.
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Is it OK to face south while cooking?

It should not be in front of the main door of the kitchen. Gas stove or any other cooking material should be placed in such a way as allows the cook to face only towards the East while cooking. Cooking with face towards the south may lead to financial problems in the family. No shelf should be placed above cooking gas.

What happens if house is south west facing?

Avoid a property which has a door facing South West as it is the entry of the devil energy and brings in struggles and misfortunes. If the wealth energy as per advanced Feng Shui of that house is good, the occupant may prosper during initial 3-4 years. But then may face a down fall.

What happens if bathroom is in South West?

The best location for toilets and bathrooms is the north-west part of the home. Avoid constructing toilets in the south-west direction as this tends to bring about ill-effects. If your toilet happens to be in the south-west direction, you can fix it by using a couple of Vastu remedies.

What does South West corner mean?

According to Vastu Shastra, the south-west direction, also known as the Nairutya corner, denotes the earth elements and is governed by Rahu, one of the fiercest planets, as per Vedic astrology. However, if there is a cut in this corner or any other major Vastu defect, it can create disturbance in your home.

How do I attract customers to my Vastu?

According to 45 Powers of Alchemy in Vastu Shastra, green colour will help them develop contacts with new customers. They should sit facing west to attract more sales order. 9. Senior professionals are required to plan for an organisation, so they should sit in north east vastu zone facing west.

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Can we sleep in south west corner?

According to Vastu Shastra, you should choose the south-west direction of the room to keep the bed. Its head should be kept towards the south in order to have a nice sleep. According to Vastu Shastra, you should choose the south-west direction of the room to keep the bed.

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