Question: What Is Kitchen Garden In Hindi?

What is kitchen garden explain?

The kitchen garden may serve as the central feature of an ornamental, all-season landscape, or it may be little more than a humble vegetable plot. It is a source of herbs, vegetables and fruits, but it is often also a structured garden space with a design based on repetitive geometric patterns.

What is kitchen garden in India?

The Importance of Kitchen Garden, especially in an urban home, is more than just getting fresh veggies. Find out all its benefits here! The kitchen garden is miniature farming of vegetables and herbs. It can be a great source of nutritious and fresh veggies.

What is kitchen garden in agriculture?

Nutri kitchen garden is the growing of nutrient rich crops in residential houses or in their vicinity to meet the requirements of the family all year round. Benefits: Increases availability of food and nutrient sources. In rural areas, Nutri kitchen gardens can be promoted in backyard of the houses.

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What are the types of kitchen garden?

For those interested in setting up a kitchen garden, here are some of the easy-to-implement technologies one could use to develop the system.

  • The wick irrigation garden.
  • Tyre garden.
  • Simple drip irrigation garden.
  • Micro garden.
  • The multi storey garden.
  • Food robe garden.
  • Cone garden.
  • Moist bed garden.

What is good for kitchen garden?

Few herbs and plants that are easy to maintain in kitchen garden are: lemon grass, coriander, cilantro, mint, tulsi, celery, fenugreek, spinach. 3. Aesthetics matter: Plants make your home greener, more peaceful, uplift your mood and make you feel more positive.

Why it is called kitchen garden?

Kitchen garden is the growing of fruits and vegetables at the backyard of house by using kitchen waste water. Otherwise called as Home garden or Nutrition garden or Kitchen gardening or Vegetable gardening.

How do I start a kitchen garden?

How to Grow: The process begins by purchasing seeds or starter plants and a large, deep pot (about 10 inches in diameter). Plant the starter after filling the container with potting soil. Make sure that the container is in an area that gets plenty of sunlight and water regularly, so that the soil doesn’t dry out.

How do I build a kitchen balcony garden?

Here are the basic steps to becoming a successful small-apartment-kitchen-gardener.

  1. Step 1: Assess the sunlight.
  2. Step 2: Choose your pots.
  3. Step 3: Carefully choose what to grow.
  4. Step 4: Get the right soil.
  5. Step 5: Get seeds and saplings.
  6. Step 6: Watch your food grow.
  7. Step 7: Enjoy your kitchen garden and keep learning.
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How can I start a kitchen garden in India?

While planting your vegetables or fruits for your kitchen garden, fill the container or make the bed with the standard mix. In case you are using pots, add in a few pebbles or crushed thermocol pieces to prevent clogging. Once you plant the seeds or vegetables, sprinkle some water to moisten the soil.

Which fruit crop is suitable for kitchen gardening?

5) Strawberries – No list of indoor grown fruits would be complete without the strawberry of course! One of the fastest growing fruits, they won’t keep you waiting too long before you see your bright red harvest. The larger the container you plant it in, the more strawberries you will get.

What is a food garden?

There is nothing more satisfying than harvesting and eating fresh vegetables and herbs from your garden. Food gardens are in fashion. Home food gardens are important for providing fresh, healthy vegetables for the family. Vegetables can be as exciting as any flower, offering a variety in texture, form and colour.

What are the benefits of kitchen garden?

The Benefits of Growing a Vegetable Garden

  • Improve your health. Consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables is one of the most important things you can do to stay healthy.
  • Save money on groceries.
  • Get outdoor exercise.
  • Gardening is a natural stress reliever.

What are the types of kitchen?

The 6 Most Popular Kitchen Layout Types

  1. The One Wall Kitchen. Usually found in smaller kitchens, this simple layout is space efficient without giving up on functionality.
  2. The Galley Kitchen.
  3. The L-Shaped Kitchen.
  4. The U-Shaped Kitchen.
  5. The Island Kitchen.
  6. The Peninsula Kitchen.
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How do you maintain a kitchen garden?

Tips to Maintain Your Kitchen Garden

  1. Plant the Raised Beds.
  2. Triangle Shaped Planting.
  3. Utilize the Space by Growing Climbing Plants.
  4. Time the Crops Suitably.
  5. Cover the Beds.
  6. Growing the Plants in Shade.
  7. Rainwater Harvesting.
  8. Plant Companions.

What are in gardens?

Most gardens consist of a mix of natural and constructed elements, although even very ‘natural’ gardens are always an inherently artificial creation. Natural elements present in a garden principally comprise flora (such as trees and weeds), fauna (such as arthropods and birds), soil, water, air and light.

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