Often asked: What To Put In Glass Jars In Kitchen?

What can I put in my kitchen glass jars?

There are so many things that can be sealed for freshness and stored for easy access on the counter:

  1. Protein bars.
  2. Nuts.
  3. Flour.
  4. Sugar / Sugar Packets.
  5. Tea.
  6. Coffee.
  7. Pasta.
  8. Rice.

What can I do with random glass jars?

13 Brilliant Ways To Use (Or Reuse) A Glass Jar

  1. Put A Spout On It. This is one of my all-time favorite mason jar projects, because it’s so easy.
  2. Accessorize!
  3. Marinate Meat.
  4. Make A Soap Dispenser.
  5. Give It A Makeover.
  6. Light It Up.
  7. Make A Pretty Candle.
  8. Plant An Herb Garden.

What can I put in jars?

75 Easy & Creative Things to Do with Mason Jars

  • Hanging Pendant Lights. An awesome decorating idea for your kitchen or garden.
  • Blue Glass Lamp. You can be creative here!
  • Painted Jar Luminaries.
  • Gleeful Jam Jars.
  • Lace-Covered Candle Holders.
  • Fabric Trim Votives.
  • Mason Jar Techno Tiki Torch.
  • DIY Solar Jars.

What can I use to fill a mason jar?

You can use it to dispense salt, sure, but also try filling it with spices, grains, or even glitter in the craft room. A mason jar fits perfectly in the middle of a small, round chicken feeder.

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What do you store in glass containers?

Glass jars can be used for a number of kitchen items. Pantry foods like pasta, spices, baking ingredients, and even cereal can be conveniently stored in a glass jar. Not only is it easy to access these items, you can quickly organize and beautify your pantry space and cabinet interiors.

How do you recycle glass jars at home?

The simplest way to recycle glass at home is to drop your glass in your recycling bin for curbside collection. Rinse your containers and set them in the bin on collection day.

What can I put in small glass jars?

What Do You Do with Empty Glass Jars? 21 New Ideas

  1. Tea Light Holders. Set the mood at your next party by creating tea light holders from empty glass jars and items from your pantry.
  2. Twig Vases.
  3. Twine-Wrapped Jar Sets.
  4. Hanging Garden Lanterns.
  5. Fabric-Wrapped Jars.
  6. Emergency Candles.
  7. Word Jars.
  8. Marquee Lighting.

How do you recycle glass bottles at home?

Inventive Ways to Reuse Glass Bottles

  1. DIY Liquid Soap Dispenser. Source: HomEsthetics.net.
  2. Wine Bottle Bird Feeder. Source: Momma Young @Home.
  3. Healthy Spray Bottle. Source: Body Unburdened.
  4. Homemade Holiday Decorations.
  5. Upcycled Lamp.
  6. Upcycled Oil Lamp.
  7. Chalkboard Storage Canisters.
  8. ‘Keep ‘Em Busy’ Sand Art Craft.

What kind of paint do you use on glass jars?

Apply interior latex house paint, acrylic craft paint or chalk paint to the outside of the jar with an inexpensive paintbrush or foam brush. Painting the bottom of the jar is optional. Once the first coat dries, apply a second coat for more complete coverage.

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What are Mason jars good for?

As we’ve stated, Mason jars have a ton of uses, from canning homemade goods like jams and jellies to storing wet and dry cooking ingredients. Owing to their airtight lid design and heat-resistant glass construction, Mason jars are also great for holding liquids like homemade soups, sauces, and juices.

How do you attach Mason jars to wood?

It’s easier to begin tightening them before putting the mason jars on. Attach the hose clamps to the board with wood screws. If you’re planning on using the organizer on your pegboard you’ll need to drill holes to attach it to the board.

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