FAQ: How To Convert Freezer To Fridge In Lg?

How do you convert a freezer to a refrigerator?

1 You can easily convert Freezer into Fridge to use Freezer space. 2 Press the Freezer to Fridge button for 3 seconds on the Digital display. 3 Now the Freezer becomes Fridge.

Can I turn my freezer down and use it as a fridge?

Your converted freezer can be used as a regular refrigerator. It’s not the same as one that you buy from the shop because it still has the freezer coils and other physical limitations inside. Another limitation can be extra condensation compared to a regular refrigerator.

How long does it take for LG frost free refrigerator to convert freezer into refrigerator?

Like for example to convert the freezer to fridge LG takes around an hour whereas Samsung takes nearly two hours.

How warm can a freezer get?

Keep your freezer at zero degrees ( 0°F ) or below to maintain the quality of frozen foods. Most foods will maintain good quality longer if the freezer temperature is -10°F to -20°F. At temperatures between 0°F and 32°F, food deteriorates more rapidly.

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What is the warmest setting on a freezer?

The coldest setting is “9” and the warmest setting is “1”. The “0” setting is OFF, which turns the cooling off. Turn knobs to lower numbers for warmer temperatures and to higher numbers for colder temperatures.

How do I setup my new LG refrigerator?

the Wi-Fi button on the Refrigerator for 3 seconds until the wi-fi LED light starts to blink. network and completely register your Refrigerator. Once finished, your product will be listed on the main dashboard. Connect SmartThinQ® to the LG Network by following the on-screen prompts below.

How do I use my LG refrigerator for the first time?

Let your refrigerator run for at least 2 or 3 hours before putting food in it. Check the flow of cold air in the freezer compartment to ensure proper cooling. Your refrigerator is now ready for use. Be careful when you work with hinge, base grille, stopper etc.

What is LG Full Convert drawer?

The Full-Convert drawer gives you more capacity when you need it, with the ability to fully convert from 5 chill to freeze options with one quick touch. To ensure you’re serving guests the freshest foods, innovative LG cooling technologies work together to dramatically extend the life of your produce.

How do I fix my freezer thermostat?


  1. Disconnect the electrical power. Unplug the freezer or shut off the circuit breaker for the freezer.
  2. Remove the control knob.
  3. Remove the grille cover.
  4. Remove the cold control thermostat.
  5. Install the new cold control thermostat.
  6. Reinstall the grille cover.
  7. Reinstall the control knob.
  8. Restore electrical power.
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Can a fridge be a freezer?

An old refrigerator can be re-fit to become a freezer, which can give you that extra storage room if you’re a household that likes to store meats, leftovers, pre-prepared meals or fresh products like jams, jellies, canned goods or stored grains.

What is convert mode in refrigerator?

2020. The revolutionary Samsung Smart Convertible Refrigerator gives you the extra space when refrigerator runs out of storage space. It’s new Convertible Freezer transforms into a Fridge and back into Freezer as per your need. So that you can store all the food you want.

What is difference between frost free and convertible refrigerator?

Frost free refrigerators do not require any deicing or defrosting through manual means. Direct cool refrigerators use natural convection, resulting in instant cooling capabilities. 4. Frost free models are better at maintaining consistent temperatures, and keeping food items fresh for a longer period of time.

What is LG Door Cooling?

LG Door Cooling ensures that the interior of your LG fridge is quickly cool again after opening the door. A useful feature of the latest LG fridges is Door Cooling+. Thanks to the fixed temperature, your food stays fresh longer and the fridge consumes less energy.

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